ETN Project

Educate, Test, Navigate (ETN)

The mission of the ETN Project is to educate teens and young adults 13 – 24 years old about HIV and substance use.

We seek to empower teens and young adults to live healthier lives through prevention and treatment services based in the Bronx. Through our partnership with the Bronx community, we provide services that reduce:

1) The spread of HIV, and
2) The start and progression of substance use disorders (SUDs).

ETN services include:

  • HIV and substance use prevention education
  • Health and Wellness Screening,
  • Navigation support services,
  • HIV/Hep testing,
  • Parent workshops, and
  • Volunteer: Become a Peer Community Outreach Worker.

In Short
We connect youth to clinical and social services and help them stick to treatment

Get Involved

We seek to empower teens and young adults 13 – 24 years old to take control of their health. We do this by having an open and judgment-free conversation with Bronx youth about their health goals and current health practices. We believe in showing our appreciation to youth that are willing to have these conversations by providing compensation of a $30 prepaid Visa Debit/ Credit card. Schedule a time with NYCC4H Staff
When a teen or young adult indicates that they would benefit from prevention and treatment services, our team will actively support their enrollment and linkage to services by providing navigation support. Navigation support may include making that first appointment together, preparing for that appointment, staff accompanying the individual to their appointment, and transportation assistance. Our staff will be available to provide support every step of the way to ensure youth not only access the services, but stay retained in care! Schedule a time with NYCC4H Staff
FREE HIV testing event every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 210 Alexander Ave, Bronx, NY 10454 in partnership with Callen-Lorde Health Outreach to Teens (HOTT!) program. Schedule a time with NYCC4H Staff
Parent Workshops are designed to increase parent knowledge and self efficacy to: 1) Prevent underage drinking and substance use, 2) Address the first signs of alcohol or substance use, 3) Support linkage to treatment programs for youth. Parents represent an important and ongoing influence throughout adolescence and young adulthood, and strengthening parental capacity for alcohol/opioid use prevention improves community health. Parent workshops leverage parents as long-term influences and seek to enhance parental motivation and self-efficacy to address the first signs of alcohol or substance use among their teens and young adults. Parent workshops will be delivered by NYCC4H staff lasting approximately 30 to 45 minutes and will be offered both in-person and remotely, 1-on-1 or in a group setting based on the families preference, and in English or Spanish. Schedule a time with NYCC4H Staff
NYCC4H believes that change comes from within the community, and trained peers are the most effective at promoting healthy behavior and educational messages. One way our team seeks to uplift the voices of the Bronx community is through our peer-based approach. We train local peer community outreach workers to:
  • Support the enrollment of teens and young adults in prevention and treatment services,
  • Support the retention of teens and young adults in services.
  • Support the development of the NYCC4H referral database.
  • Develop and share education messages and resources on social media platforms.
  • Develop parent and youth educational workshops and activities.
  • Provide support at parent workshops and community events.
This peer-based approach has a large impact on teens and young adults because the messages are communicated by and for the community. Schedule a time with NYCC4H Staff

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